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Skylight Condensation is not a leak!!

Some tips to help with humidity: ➢Put the furnace fan in the “on” position to continually move air in the home ➢If the home has an air recovery system, use it, adjust the setting based on exterior temperature. ➢Open a window 3-5 times per day for 10 minutes, specifically during cooking or when more people […]

3 great reasons to replace skylights when you replace a roof:

3 great reasons to replace skylights when you replace a roof: Save money- The most convenient and affordable time to replace a skylight is during re-roofing. Coinciding warranty- You’re getting a new roof with a warranty, why not replace your skylight and enjoy one there as well. Improved energy efficiency- Advanced LowE3 coating provides more […]

Velux launches new product sizes!

Velux launches two standard sized Skymax models with one being stock and the other as a “Expedited delivery unit”.   Stock unit – GSM 4896 0090B – OCD 48in x 96 in “Stocked in Sparks, NV, and DC.   Expedited delivery unit – GSM 5199 0090B – OCD 51in x 99in “14 day lead time […]

Can hail break my skylight?

Can hail break my skylight? As the world leader in skylights, VELUX stands behind our products with a promise of lasting service and quality. As such, we have a hail breakage warranty for VELUX skylights with Clean, Quiet & Safe glass, which comes standard on all of our No Leak Skylights.  We’ve tested this glass […]

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